Brad Brown
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My name is Brad Brown and I have been in the coin op amusement industry since 1981. I have previously worked for Bally Corp., Betson, and United Amusements before I started my own distributing and manufacturing company in 1991. Through the years I have visited many countries around the world,  looking at family entertainment facilities, meeting with distributors, and talking with manufacturers. From those many years of traveling and attending tradeshows everywhere, I have a vast contact base of suppliers and customers.  I've gained a lot of knowledge of the amusement industry in 20 plus years!

 The coin op amusement business mostly remains in the hands of mom and pop companies, who themselves are very entrepreneurial in every respect. There is a lot of joy and pride for me when our staff at Worldwide Video does a a great job of providing the best equipment found anywhere in the world at the best prices possible.

The business of coin op.... is the business of the world.